I’m Katja, a daytime photographer and nighttime doodler and artist. I developed the idea for Hallo Molly while drawing and coloring with my kids and it somehow got out of hand and turned into an Etsy shop and more, who’d have thought?!

I love coming up with new ideas for my designs and love the idea of putting a smile on people’s faces.

Our first dog Molly was the original muse and inspiration for Hallo Molly, but now Georgie is my office buddy, inspiration and all-around trouble maker. Just like Molly before her she puts a smile on our faces every day.

I’m also a mom of three wonderful kids and we all live in the center of Germany near a beautiful medieval town. Follow me for more recent updates and news and the occasional shot of Georgie on Facebook and Instagram.

Georgie and I love being silly together.
My sweet little dog Molly, our first dog, the inspiration for Hallo Molly and the gentlest of dogs, always up for any silly photo shoot idea.