New artwork!

Here’s a collection of some of my new stuff, hope you guys enjoy it!

Stay healthy and happy, love, Katja

New artwork!

Ever since I’ve joined Terry Runyan’s wonderful Daily Creating Group on Facebook I’ve made all kinds of pictures featuring Molly and her new brother Fergus. The group offers prompts for every day and I’ve had an absolute blast coming up with new ideas of what Molly could do! My favorites are available on Redbubble, if you’re interested go to my “Shop” section in the header of the website.

Stay healthy you guys and have a wonderful week!

Love, Katja

New Side Project: Dino Dilemma!

Welcome to a new side project of mine: Dino Dilemma! Small and cute cartoons about the dilemmas dinosaurs face in their every-day life. Especially T-Rex has it tough.

My favorites are also available on Redbubble and society6 and I’m thinking about making my own postcards or a print-on-demand calendar for Etsy. Let me show you my favorites so far: