Funny and Cute Winter and Christmas Art 2022

Ho ho ho! Or in the case of Germany: Rain rain rain! Drawing with a hot cup of tea kept me warm and happy during the dark and dreary winter we had this year. I battled all kinds of viruses all coming from my son’s kindergarten. Art often gave me a break and it felt wonderful to come up with some funny and cute winter and Christmas art.

There were a lot of cool prompts this month, including “hug a bear day” “carrot and ferret”, “cocoa” or “carol singers”. Working with prompts is always fun for me, I usually sketch out a couple of ideas, brainstorm and let my brain go silly while doing so. That usually includes cups of tea and dark chocolate (hey, that squishy thing in my head needs some high quality fuel). I hope your winter is full of sunshine and snow (or not too much heat and sun in the Southern hemisphere).

I hope you guys have a wonderful week, all the best,


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