New Project: Alternative Funny Book Covers!

Hello you guys, I started a new art project that made me giggle in these hard times we have in Europe right now: Alternative funny book covers for the great classics of literature! Or welcome to Hallo Molly is Butchering the Classics”! 😜

I’m sure a lot of people are turning in their graves right now, mainly the authors. Cough. I’m not sure if Shakespeare would have really written a play about a Scottish lord with bad breath for instance? Ach well, my apologies to the dead poeat, but I had a lot of fun with these and I have a few more ideas in my sketchbook. Stay tuned!

Starting off with the Adventures of Dumb Sawyer. His friend Billy the Bong was not amused about being part of his fence painting scheme.

And who would ever forget the great roaring twenties classic “The Late Catsby”?

The Late Catsby, Parody of the Great Gatsby

I had a lot of fun with this one since we’ve had pet mice in our house for a couple of years now (they’re safely tucked away in my daughter’s room so Fergus and Georgie can’t, err, play with them).

Love Shakespeare? Not sure you would like his lost work: Macbreath! Possibly inspired by real life Fergus. What’s that? He wants me to call his lawyer. Uh-oh.

Another school classic most of us had to read: The Lord of the Pies (what, wait, that’s not the one?)

If all this silliness has left you exhausted I would like you to consider a Midsummer NIght’s Steam to relax and kick back!

I will make my favorites from this funny book cover series available on Etsy as a postcard set, head over there and have a look:


Have a great day you guys! Let me know what your favorite literature classic is in the comments, maybe there will be a Hallo Molly version in the future!

Do you have a favorite classic? Let me know in the comments!

Rock on, love, Katja x

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