New art!

Hiya and good morning, afternoon or evening to you lovely people! Here is some new art that I did recently. First of all: Meet Tøsk, the Scandinavian squirrel and a new citizen of Mollville! Tøsk is a very fast-paced and wild little gal that also enjoys the occasional beer, or øl as we say in Norway.

The other pictures followed prompts in the Daily Creating Group (it’s a great and positive place to be, join us! ).

I’ve been nature journaling a lot recently and I’ve been enjoying early spring and nature awakening. I’m nerding out a lot at the moment. I got my old microscope out, learned the major plant families in our food, finding birds in the fields, observing insects and doing tons of workshops with John Muir Laws online

If you’re interested in drawing the natural world or nature journaling, check out Jack’s amazing page, all of the tutorials are free!

Due to my current nature obsession my cartoons have come a bit short, I usually let BIllabong comment on my stuff in my nature journal, which is fun. My main focus isn’t cartooning at the moment, but I’ve decided to do both from now on! My kids are back in school and kindergarten after a long three-week spring break, we finally got over our viruses again and I have more energy than in the last couple of months.

I hope your spring is as fulfilling and rich as mine, have a wonderful week, I hope you enjoy my new stuff, love to all of you,


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