My Love for Scotland – The Story Behind the Art!

Ach ye wee bonnie lass, sit doon and have some shortbread and let me tell ye about Scotland!

I have been enamored with Scotland ever since I was a teenager. I’ve always wanted to go, but I didn’t make it to this beautiful country until 2019, finally fulfilling my dream.

Before we made it to Scotland, Norway had been my favorite country to travel to. After visiting the Scottish Highlands though, Norway had to move over a little and share its first place with Scotland. Sorry, Norway.

Over the last two years I made a lot of cartoons and illustrations with a Scotland theme, especially after our Scottish Terrier Fergus moved in with us in 2021 (for more about Fergus click here:

As a real Scottie, cartoon Fergus is a big fan of haggis. I feel like sometimes I’m beating a dead horse with my haggis jokes, but yeah! I mean, c’mon! Haggis! It’s funny!

Fergus’ side hustle, the burger place the Big Hagg!
Just make sure to brush your teeth after a haggis cookout, it may have consequences.

What I love about Scotland (Seriously, What’s Not To Love?)

What do I love about Scotland? First of all, of course, the amazing landscape! I think I could send you blindfolded to Scotland and just by randomly pointing a camera at the landscape you’d be able to make the most beautiful calendar! Yup, that’s how stunning the landscape is! Check out some of my photography from our 2019 trip:

My daughter at Loch Carron. Believe it or not this was the back yard (!) of our vacation house
Hiking North of Lochcarron

Apart from the obvious beauty of the country (especially the Highlands) I also love the culture, the people and (surprisingly) the food (but not haggis, sorry dear Scots)! We had the best seafood in the Scottish Highlands and I can’t wait to go there again this summer!

The best fish I had had in years!

We were lucky enough to also attend some Scottish highland games with caber tossing, haggis throwing (yes, that’s a thing!) and a parade of bagpipe players. It was a very local affair with tons of booths and fun activities for the kids, we were so lucky to be there at the right time in summer!

The Lochcarron Highland Games!

Inspiration for the Sticker Set

So I guess I didn’t have to look for for inspiration for my recent sticker set. It was clear to me I wanted cartoon Fergus to be the main sticker, but I also wanted all the iconic symbols in there that people associate with Scotland. Clichés? Yes, please!

My first kiss-cut sticker set for Etsy, I’m planning a whole range of them

As for including Nessie, the monster of Loch Ness: We didn’t visit Loch Ness on the 2019 trip, but we visited Eilean Donan castle, where the famous 80s movie “The Highlander” was filmed.

We didn’t see Nessie there (duh, she lives further south!), but we took my son’s seamonster puppet with us. Muahaha. This is a family tradition I started over 10 years ago when I bought the first hand puppet for my kids. I always take one of our puppets on vacation to embarrass my husband in public. Muahaha again.

There’s been instances where he pretended he didn’t know us and walked away because I took out the puppet and started goofing around with it for a fun photo. Pff. He’s so easily embarrassed :p

Fiete-Fridolin in front of the “Highlander Castle” Eilean Donan.


I thought about including a haggis in the sticker sheet but then realized that it just looks like a balloon on a plate, which I guess it literally is! Also, the famous shortbread was discarded after some initial sketches, since it looks a bit like a yellow brick with holes in it. Err. No offence my dear Scottish people, I love shortbread, but it didn’t make for a great visual 🙂

Fergus is a huge fan, Ginny from Yorkshire is not too sure about it.

How our Scottish Terrier Fergus Came to Us

During the pandemic I started doodling all the different terrier breeds for a Christmas card reading “Terry Christmas”. I started to read the character descriptions of the different breeds and really fell in love with Scottish terriers. I managed to talk my husband into getting Scotty puppy and thus brought Scotland to our home. Woohoo! Hubby had always vetoed a dachshund and somehow discarded the fact that Scotties are very close to the ground as well. Ach, aye, score!

Ever since we got puppy Fergus I’ve started to incorporate Scottish culture into my cartoons, often making jokes about the various forms Fergus incorporates haggis into his cooking, much to the horror of Billabong and Molly as you can see here, merry Haggsmanay and ho ho hurl! :p

Here is my favorite haggis-themed cartoon!

This summer we’ll go to to Scotland again! Yay! And this time we are taking our Scottish Terrier Fergus with us to go to his homeland. I’m sure I’ll take tons of pictures with him in front of iconic landmarks and castles, I’ll post some best of shots on this blog later in the year, stay tuned!

If you’re interested in the sticker set visit my Etsy shop:

Have you ever been to Scotland? Or would you like to go? Let me know in the comments!

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