Spooky Halloween Art for the Internet Challenge “Fright Fall 2022”

Muahahaha, ladies and gents, I’d like to present my entries for the Retro Supply Co’s Halloween internet challenge called “Fright Fall 2022” with lots of spooky Halloween prompts ranging from “cauldron” to “razor blades” to “UFO”. I had a blast coming up with these, I hope you enjoy them too and can chuckle a little on the way! Unfortunately, that year I didn’t manage all 31 (life and the flu got in the way), but at least I participated as well as I could 🙂

Have a wonderful week, as always,


PS: I used only RetroSupply’s digital brushes for this art (I more or less always do), if you’re curious check out their website: http://www.retrosupply.co

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