Quick shout-out from my maternity leave office!

Hello everyone!

I’m still on maternity leave with kiddo No. 3 (who is mighty cute and a terror tag team with terrier Hallo Molly mascot Georgie) and my shops are still closed, but I’ve started working on new designs and product ideas nonetheless. This morning I made some prototype bookmarks that might make it to the shop. I’m thinking about offering them as a personlized item, i.e. pick your color, your favorite Molly and an optional saying or name.

My shops will open again in October, I can’t wait! Have an awesome week you guys!

Baby Break!

Hey guys, just wanted to let everyone know I’m on my baby pause / parenting break with my third kiddo (plus Airedale Georgie, she said she definitely counts!), so my shops are all closed for now. I am working on new designs when Mr. Baby lets me and will open both my Etsy and DaWanda shops again on the 1st of October 2017! I can’t wait!

See you then and until then here’s a Hallo Molly picture my older son (8) painted yesterday: He calls it „Gangster Molly“ after my upcoming burglar Molly design he had the idea for while we were on vacation.

Have a great spring and summer!

New Products and Colors!

Hey you guys and good morning! I am currently re-doing all of my Hallo Molly designs and giving them new, fresher colors and backgrounds. I also introduced a couple of new designs in my shop, for example Amelia Earhart and Isaac Newton and dog salon owner Molly. I have even more designs coming up soon, too, Kung Fu Molly for instance is waiting to be colorized.

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Happy International Women’s Day! ☼

Happy International Women’s Day, you guys! Be who and what you want to be, don’t let stereotypes hold you back. Let your light shine bright!

Happy Interational Women's Day

Merry Christmas, everyone! ☼

Sales assistant Georgie and I wish you guys a Merry Christmas with lots of good food, games, cuddle time and a great time with your families!


Georgie Christmas Card 700

Ho-ho-ho! And possibly… woof! ☼

Christmas time is coming! And what better way to celebrate than spreading some terrier cuteness and naughtiness. Sales assistant Georgie is preparing for Christmas by practicing. She practices stealing important Christmas items, like cookie dough (off the counter), slippers (against cold feet) and rubber balls (the best preparation for Christmas tree decoration, she says). I’m sure our Christmas won’t be boring!

For all the Hallo Molly merchandise go to:



Santa ClausesChristmas Cards englishChristmasWeihnachtssticker




Neue Assistentin – New sales assistant!

Hey you guys, I am happy and proud to announce Hallo Molly’s new muse, sales assistant and general motivational coach: Georgie Airedale! Georgie (short for Georgina) moved in with us two days ago and is already a part of the family. She is a very plucky and adventurous young lady who likes to play, chew things and nap on the sofa. We are very happy to have her and are looking forward to all kinds of adventures with her! Hallo Georgie! ♥

Georgie 900-30 fb

Original und Fälschung – Original and Forgery ☼

Hello everyone,

on Facebook Molly and I have a tradition of posting some „original and forgery“ pictures. Since Molly is the inspiration and muse for „Hallo Molly“ she is re-enacting our favorite buttons and magnets – for treats, of course! Molly will after all do anything for food and after the shower photo shoot she even pulled the treat out of my cardigan pocket herself. I think she deserved it, right?!

If you want to see more „original and forgery“ silliness, feel free to follow us on Facebook: Hallo Molly fan site

We hope you guys have a wonderful week, all the best, Katja and Molly ☼

Shower Molly 700 Original Bathroom Molly 700 FB

Party Time! ☼

 HOORAY! We did it! Hallo Molly is now an officially registered international trademark. Molly feels really smug and important right now. She even told me to get her a cigar, but I think that goes too far, right?  Time to celebrate! 

Behind the Scenes of Hallo Molly ☼

The secret ingredient (apart from love) to Hallo Molly is quite often massive amounts of chocolate and tea. This is my (second) workplace in the kitchen where I come up with new designs and ideas and where I draw and paint the final designs. Very practical this kitchen workplace due to the short paths to the water hot pot and fridge. Plus: Molly gets to lie down next to me – yay! 

Hallo Molly at work