Ho-ho-ho! And possibly… woof! ☼

Christmas time is coming! And what better way to celebrate than spreading some terrier cuteness and naughtiness. Sales assistant Georgie is preparing for Christmas by practicing. She practices stealing important Christmas items, like cookie dough (off the counter), slippers (against cold feet) and rubber balls (the best preparation for Christmas tree decoration, she says). I’m sure our Christmas won’t be boring!

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Santa ClausesChristmas Cards englishChristmasWeihnachtssticker




Neue Assistentin – New sales assistant!

Hey you guys, I am happy and proud to announce Hallo Molly’s new muse, sales assistant and general motivational coach: Georgie Airedale! Georgie (short for Georgina) moved in with us two days ago and is already a part of the family. She is a very plucky and adventurous young lady who likes to play, chew things and nap on the sofa. We are very happy to have her and are looking forward to all kinds of adventures with her! Hallo Georgie! ♥

Georgie 900-30 fb

Original und Fälschung – Original and Forgery ☼

Hello everyone,

on Facebook Molly and I have a tradition of posting some „original and forgery“ pictures. Since Molly is the inspiration and muse for „Hallo Molly“ she is re-enacting our favorite buttons and magnets – for treats, of course! Molly will after all do anything for food and after the shower photo shoot she even pulled the treat out of my cardigan pocket herself. I think she deserved it, right?!

If you want to see more „original and forgery“ silliness, feel free to follow us on Facebook: Hallo Molly fan site

We hope you guys have a wonderful week, all the best, Katja and Molly ☼

Shower Molly 700 Original Bathroom Molly 700 FB

Party Time! ☼

 HOORAY! We did it! Hallo Molly is now an officially registered international trademark. Molly feels really smug and important right now. She even told me to get her a cigar, but I think that goes too far, right?  Time to celebrate! 

Behind the Scenes of Hallo Molly ☼

The secret ingredient (apart from love) to Hallo Molly is quite often massive amounts of chocolate and tea. This is my (second) workplace in the kitchen where I come up with new designs and ideas and where I draw and paint the final designs. Very practical this kitchen workplace due to the short paths to the water hot pot and fridge. Plus: Molly gets to lie down next to me – yay! 

Hallo Molly at work

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Ireland and America! Feed me, I'm Irish St Patrick's Day

100 Facebook Likes – Hurra! Hooray! ☼

100 Likes on Facebook – hooray! To celebrate and say THANK YOU Molly and I created a 20 % OFF coupon for our Etsy store (no minimum purchase needed!). Just go to https://www.facebook.com/hallomollymolly?ref=hl become a fan and grab your coupon code until Tuesday, the 11th of March.

Thanks to all our Facebook fans – you guys rock!

100 Likes - Thank you! 700

Ostern! / Easter! ☼

 Molly has taken over the Easter Bunny’s job. She still doesn’t know how that happened, but she is quite happy to help. She has put her bunny costume on and her false teeth and started off to hide some eggs. And eat some. And err, hide some. And… eat some? Oh dear, being the Easter Bunny is not as easy as Molly thought!

Say „Hallo“ to a lot of new motifs in our Hallo Molly shop!

Original and forgery

♥ Valentinstag / Valentine’s Day ♥

Molly has taken over Cupid’s job. In the beginning she misunderstood the job description and used her bow and arrow to hunt down cats…
She was really surprised to receive so many love letters from weird felines like Dr. Purr or Professor van Fuzz afterwards. Strange.
But now she has gotten the hang of it and helps animals in love all over the world to find their purrfect match. Valentine's Day English

Frohes Neues! / Happy new year! ☼

Happy new year, everyone! We hope you had a great Christmas and a joyful New Year’s Eve! Molly had a little adventure on vacation: She found a young seal on the beach! Thankfully the seal didn’t bite her (but to Molly’s dismay it also didn’t want to play with her) and I was able to snap a quick picture while calling Molly back. Molly said it was really exciting, she loves making new friends!

Molly and the Seal 700