New Artwork!

Hi you guys, I’ve been busy creating new artwork and having an absolute blast doing so!

I’ve added digital art into the mix by drawing on an iPad every once in a while and my sweet little parakeet / budgie Billabong has become a prominent character.

Most of the pictures are available on Redbubble, you can find the link in the header up top under „Shop“ – thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week!

All the best, Katja

New artwork!

Here’s a collection of some of my new stuff, hope you guys enjoy it!

Stay healthy and happy, love, Katja

New artwork!

Ever since I’ve joined Terry Runyan’s wonderful Daily Creating Group on Facebook I’ve made all kinds of pictures featuring Molly and her new brother Fergus. The group offers prompts for every day and I’ve had an absolute blast coming up with new ideas of what Molly could do! My favorites are available on Redbubble, if you’re interested go to my „Shop“ section in the header of the website.

Stay healthy you guys and have a wonderful week!

Love, Katja

New Christmas Postcard in my Etsy Shop and 10 % Off all Christmas Cards!

Hi guys, I put up a new Christmas postcard in my Etsy shop from my new project „Molly Gets Drawn In“ – I wonder if she lost her sleigh driver’s license with this stunt? We’ll see. Head over to Etsy and get 10 % OFF all of my Christmas cards by using the code CHRISTMASWOOF:

Have a wonderful week and lots of cozy indoor times,


New Side Project: Dino Dilemma!

Welcome to a new side project of mine: Dino Dilemma! Small and cute cartoons about the dilemmas dinosaurs face in their every-day life. Especially T-Rex has it tough.

My favorites are also available on Redbubble and society6 and I’m thinking about making my own postcards or a print-on-demand calendar for Etsy. Let me show you my favorites so far:

New Project! „Molly Gets Drawn In“!

Hi you guys! Welcome to my new project, where I combine my photography (mainly from our travels around Europe) with Hallo Molly illustrations!

My husband had this genius idea while on vacation in France. It’s one of these ideas where I thought „why hadn’t I thought of that before?“. I’m glad he did. Lots of other ideas in my mind right now, stay tuned for more of Molly’s weird travel adventures!

Now available as a fine art print and all kinds of products in my Redbubble shop!

Hallo Molly is now on Redbubble and society6!

Hi guys, super excited to announce my presence on those two awesome platforms, I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to provide you with so many beautiful products, here is a selection of Hallo Molly products on Redbubble:

Here are the links to both shops:



A Tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg and New Products!

I was incredibly saddened to hear of RBG’s passing. She was one of my heroines, a kick-ass lady who worked for the greater good and stood up for her principles. She will be sorely missed.

I worked on a few new products after the lockdown, when my kids were back in school, may I introduce: Tricycle Molly, Greek philosopher Molly, Charlemagne, Greta Thunberg and Black Lives Matter activist Molly. All available via Etsy:

New Designs in the Shop!

Grand Re-Opening! We’re baaaaack!

We’re baaaack you guys! I’m so excited to finally open all our stores again!

To celebrate you guys will get 15% off everything for two weeks starting today! Just use the following codes:

Etsy: weareback2017

DaWanda: wiederda2017

I will introduce new designs soon plus new exciting products! There will definitely be Hallo Molly bookmarks soon plus cutting files for your silhouette machines. Have a great week!